No Prep Porcelain VeneersTransillumination is a technique that uses a special light source to detect fracture lines in teeth. This technique enables Dr. Keen to detect micro-fractures, which are not able to be detected with the naked eye. Transillumination helps to establish the correct diagnosis for symptomatic and bite-sensitive teeth that appear clinically healthy when observed with the naked eye. In this photograph, you can see the numerous 'micro-fractures' in the teeth that developed as a result of an unfortunate accident and facial trauma.

In addition to the obvious large fracture, Dr. Keen was able to detect the micro-fractures in the adjacent teeth. With this important diagnosis, Dr. Keen was able to inform the patient that micro-fractures exist. Further, Dr. Keen was then able to render the necessary treatment to strengthen and reinforce all of the weakened teeth, which reduces the risk of further fractures developing.