All-Porcelain High Strength metal-free Crowns

In the past, the notion of a "crown" or "cap" had a negative stigma. Many people still believe that crowns look fake and unnatural, especially when compared to porcelain veneers.

All Porcelain Metal Free CrownsTimes have changed! The Newest Technology of porcelains which Dr. Keen uses for patients that require a crown, have the same strength as gold, but with the same beautiful translucent qualities of a thin porcelain veneer. No longer is there a concern of a "dark line" appearing at the gum-line. In addition, there is no longer a need to remove as much tooth structure. With the advancements in porcelain technology, Dr. Keen now utilizes high-strength, translucent porcelain materials called Emax and Zirconia. The strength and aesthetics of Dr. Keen's crowns are superior to the crowns that were available in the past.

Dr. Keen does beautiful crown work that preserves the natural tooth structure.

Ask Dr. Keen about the newest technology in crowns. Ask about Emax and Zirconia!