Dr. Keen uses only the finest digital x-rays to enhance the health and diagnostic potential of all his patients. A digital x-ray uses computer technology to take an image of the teeth with superb resolution and detail. As a benefit to patients, the digital x-ray also provides nearly 80-90% less radiation than a standard 'film' x-ray. This is due to the fact that the digital x-ray uses a small computer sensor ( instead of using conventional x-ray film ) to capture the tooth image in only fractions of a second. The result is detailed and accurate images to detect decay (cavities) and dental disease very quickly and safely.


For taking routine check-up x-rays in the mouth, Dr. Keen uses top quality resolution 'Award-Winning' digital x-ray sensors ---- that are small-sized for the benefit and comfort of all his patients.


Dr. Keen has also equipped the office with digital PANORAMIC xray technology, that can capture full images of your teeth, bone and entire jaw in just mere seconds. For patients that have a predisposition to gagging when taking xrays, Panoramic technology may be well suited for you.

Ask Dr. Keen about the advances of Digital xrays and the many benefits it offers to patients. Also, speak to Dr. Keen about his featured interview on CBS KCAL News regarding the technologic advances of dental xrays in dentistry.