Whitening and bleaching


Over time, our teeth tend to become discolored or stained. Whether this is from smoking, coffee, or staining foods and beverages, a beautiful smile could be closer than you think! We offer a safe and inexpensive solution to an unsightly smile. Whitening your teeth is a very simple procedure that can be completed in a relatively short period of time.

There are many different ways to whiten your teeth. The 2 most popular methods of whitening your smile are:

Bleaching Trays


The first step in the whitening process is impressions. We will take full impressions of your upper and lower teeth. These impressions are used to make custom bleaching trays. The upper and lower trays will fit over your teeth perfectly.

The second step is to place the bleaching gel material in the trays and wear them for a few hours a day. Different concentrations of bleaching gel are available. Less wear-time is required with stronger gel. For patients who have sensitive teeth, gentle bleach gel (with desensitizers) is advised and may work best. Dr. Keen and his expert staff will review the bleaching gel options with you, to determine which strength of bleach is appropriate for you.

Within 7-10 days, most people see a significant improvement in the color of their teeth. Your smile will look brighter and younger. We canl take before and after photos so that you are able to compare the amazing color transformation.

Dental whitening techniques are only effective on natural teeth and may not be effective in all cases. We will inform you as to the potential whitening benefits for your specific situation.

Ask Dr. Keen and our staff about the advances in dental whitening techniques!